Monday, April 15, 2013

Tips on Photographing your Kiddos!

 No matter where your skill level is at with photography one thing that is important to do is document the day to day life of your family. Once you let go and realize that your kids don't need to be smiling and looking perfect you will relax just a little see those more special, tender moments that make your heart smile much more than a perfect smiley photo.

Tips to get fun pictures of your children

1- Interact with your kids. Don't just tell them to smile and look at the camera! Instead play with them. Chase them. Make them giggle and laugh by saying funny things.

2- Give them actions to do. I will tell my boys to hug, dance, kiss, run, flex... you get the point.

3- Pull the camera out when they are playing. Getting photos of them when they are unaware are some of my favorite ones. They are usually in their zone doing what they do best everyday, playing! Capture that!!

4- Take pictures of places you normally would not. When you go to the grocery store, get out your camera. So many funny things can happen while you are there, and let's face it we all take our kids to the grocery store.

5- Let them be themselves. If your kids are older let them pick the clothes they want to wear. Give them creative freedom to do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. If your son wants to wear snow boots with his gym shorts and a tie...FANTASTIC! Let him wear it. If your daughter wants to layer her 10 princess dress one upon the other, let her do it!! 

The key to photography is to capture memories. So I challenge you all (photographers and non photographers) to try and relax a little and let life happen and capture it in the direction it goes.

And now for some pictures of my cute, hilarious little guys!!

The boys were taking a bath so i decided to snap pictures of the fun they have while soaping up! 
 They both fell asleep. I love this peaceful moment.
 Here Mr.J was walking and really biffed it (all while I was taking pictures) and Mr.B ran up so fast to comfort his brother and make everything ok by giving him a hug and kiss. SO glad I had my camera on me and captured this moment.
While playing outside last summer in the sprinklers they both thought it funny to sit on the water toy.
Spontaneous picnic on the front lawn with pizza!! Is he looking at the camera and smiling? NO!! And I love it that way!!!

 This picture is by no means perfect (My husband took it-and he is not camera savvy if you know what I mean) but I love the craziness of it all and the smile that I am looking at!!

  These last pictures were done 5 minutes before church on Easter Sunday! I had my boys laughing and hugging and dancing around!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to see their cute faces and their smiles because I love them, but I love to see their personalities come to life in the pictures as well!!! I hope you enjoyed this post and go out and tackle your own kids with your camera!!

I am in an amazing group of women photographers! We have started a blog together called Our Forever Neverland. Everyone submits one photo for the week of their life-kids or no kids. You can still document your life. Go check it out and follow along on FB here. Just looking through this blog can give you ideas of anything and everything to photograph your kids.

And next stop by Erin Summerill's blog to see what she is up to and posting!!!


Terra Cooper said...

Great tips for sure! Thanks for sharing! Your kids are adorable :D

i'm erin. said...

First, I love that you even take pics of your kids. I'm the worst and hardly ever do that. But I never really thought of taking pictures of them sleeping. I'll have to do that more often. YOu're so amazing. And I love your pictures!

RDefined said...

I think the picture of you and your kids is the most perfect of them all, seriously. There is movement, flow, and a lot of emotion. Great job, Hubby!

Julie (ASmAcc) said...

Love you and love those boys!

Tara Winsor said...

Love these! It's HARD capturing photos of your kids sometimes. Thank you for giving me more motivation to do so!! Love them! You are amazing!!