Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never Stop Learning!! {My view on Photography}

Allllll righty then...(bet you said that in the Jim Carrey voice-i sure did)

Today I want to talk about something that I think is very important,
education in the photography world! I am going to start off by saying that you do
NOT need a degree in photography to be a good photographer. 
Period. The End...
There are many things that one can learn at a College or a University.
I, one day will go back and get my degree in photography.  Until that day comes for
 me to do that, I am doing and will continue to do all that I can to further myself on the craft
 that I love doing in any way possible. There are so many resources available at our
finger tips. The internet has opened so many doors to learning. 
When I have had questions about my camera, I turn to the internet.

If you are a new photographer starting out I URGE you to not just sit and hope to get
better. Follow some of these steps and you will succeed. 

Free Resources

1- Watch a video on You Tube
2- read an article you found in Google search
3- Join a group on FB and ask questions.
4- Join a forum specifically for what you want to learn
5- Go to the library and rent out the books. I don't know the selection each library has, but they are bound to have some.
6-find a mentor. Photographers use to be so closed off when I started out.(7 years ago)
It was an insult to ask for help. I feel now things have changed and many photographers
are willing to mentor and help the ones starting out. We all start from the beginning. Be kind and share the love...what goes around comes around.
Check out [framed] netowork. Amazing and fun information at your fingertips.
Also check out Creative Live FREE videos when they air live. Love Creative Live.

Non Free Resources

1- Workshops! Find a workshop. They are everywhere. They can range from $200-$4,000 (or more). Find a photographer who's work you admire and go to their workshop.
I try to do one a year. You do have to save up for them, but I think it helps your business SO MUCH!
2- Conventions. I just got back a month ago from WPPI in Vegas. There were THOUSANDS of photographers there. So many vendors in the photo world. So many classes to choose from.
I loved every minute of it and learned so much, and ended up becoming REALLY good friends with the girls I roomed with. There are up sides to everything.

3- Books! Go to amazon and buy books. I have so many photography books. Books on lighting, books on photoshop, books on everything you could think of and most of them are pretty inexpensive.

4- Community classes at a local college. They usually have several different teachers you 
can choose from and are inexpensive.

5- There are videos you can buy from Photo Vision Video that follow around photographers.

The last advice I will give to you all is to practice. practice. Need I say it one more time?
PRACTICE!!!!!  To become a master at something you need to put in either 40 years or 10,000 hours!! So get out and shoot. That is the best way to keep moving forward!

Photography will always be a changing field. You will always have to keep
learning and growing, so start now!
 Don't ever stop! Enjoy every failure and success along the way. 
You only succeed after you have failed!!

I hope you found this helpful and use all the resources that are available to you.
We are so lucky to have the knowledge so accessible!

And just for fun enjoy some pictures of the beautiful Sky and her fiance Cam. I followed Erin Summerill along on their engagement shoot! Aren't they so cute!

Now, head on over to the lovely Tara of Winsor Photography to see what she is up to!!


Terra Cooper said...

Thanks for inspiring everyone out there to keep going! Gorgeous shots too :D

Marisa said...

You're awesome!! Xoxoxo love you Kelllllllllliiiiiiiiiiii !!

Tara Winsor said...

LOVE this post!! Such great information! I agree that there is SO much out there that people can use and grow with, you just need to utilize it! Thanks for making a list of easy to find locations for learning! You are amazing!