Friday, August 8, 2014

Three Nails Photography Workshop: A Step Back In Time!

 In November of 2013 I purchased a seat to go to the Three Nails Photography Workshop! I along with about 23 other girls and 1 guy :) waited for July 29th to come! Finally on Monday the 28th I said c-ya to my 2 cute adorable boys and husband and headed to Shreveport, Louisiana for the workshop. The drive was so beautiful as was the day. I checked picked up one of my roommates Alyona from the airport and we headed to our hotel. Later on we went back to get our last roommate Lauren. 

That morning we awoke, had breakfast and relaxed a little before heading over to the studio. Finding it wasn't hard since there was a group of women (and 1 guy-I can't forget him he was a trooper to deal with that much estrogen) crowded outside by the door waiting to be let in!  The learning started and friends were quickly made. We actually shot this part of the shoot on day 2! It was so fun to watch Hunter in his niche doing what he does best! His sets were amazing and I LOVED the theme. I have a love for the days of old. I love watching movies and TV shows based on anything before 1950!!! So when I found out we were shooting 40's movie star glamour I was on cloud 9!! 

 The lovely model Reagan was amazing and so patient with all of us crazy photographers (as was the guy but his name slips my mind right now...sorry)!!  I actually kind of created my own little story for the 3 different shoots we had within the three days!! :) Not to make this post longer for now I will hold off on that :) Plus it's always fun for others to make their own story from a set of photographs. If you want to, leave your story in the comments below. This could be fun since you don't know what the next two shoots will be, and it will be so fun to see what you can come up with!!

Thanks everyone for reading and looking at my pictures!! The rest will come soon!
Until then, have a great day!

These photos were taken at the Three Nails Workshop. MUAH: Meka with Motives 
PROPS: Pursuing Eden Vintage Rentals
Models: Reagan