Monday, March 23, 2009

The Assent Band Pictures

I have been meaning to post these. These guys were hilarious to work with. We were laughing a lot, especially at the end of the shoot!! Anyways, sorry it took so long to get these up guys....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something I didn't expect....

SO, as many of you may know, I am pregnant. I am 19 1/2 weeks along. I was going to stop taking pictures in July because I am due at the beginning of August and I figured I would be too big to get up and down, and really be not be able to take pictures the way I would love to do. I WAS going to resume taking pictures in October which is a couple months after the baby is least that all was the plan until yesterday.

Yesterday my hubby and I went in to our first ultrasound appointment to find out what we were having. As I saw the picture come up on the machine I saw two little circles. I turned to our ultrasound lady and asked if that was what I thought it was.... if it was two babies. She said to me, "Yup, you are having TWINS!" COMPLETE SHOCK!! We were nont expecting this at all.

SO this has changed things a little bit. My due date went up to July 28, and they said for the most part twins usually deliver 2-3 weeks early. So that puts me at the beginning of July. And then I started thinking how big I am going to get... I will be getting bigger alot sooner. SO I have made the decsion to stop taking pictures after JUNE 5th. That will be my last wedding for a while. Like normally planned I was going to start back up in October again, but I am now thinking that I won't put a time on when I will start back up. I'm not sure how life is going to be with TWIN BOYS to look after. All I know is that it will be crazy! So I'm sorry and sad. Sorry for those who might havebeen wanting me to take pictures for them, and so sad that I will be missing out on all the weddings.

We are very excited, it's just a very life changing experience. If you have ANY questions at all, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me. I do have several friends that are FANTASTIC at photography,and have a similar style to mine. So i will refer you to them if you would like.

Thanks so much for being understanding. I hope it all goes well!

Kellil West :)