Friday, April 26, 2013

Documenting Birthday Parties {Kelli West Photography}

 Hey everyone!! Congratulations, you have made it to Friday...alive (at least that is how I feel). With Friday being here comes the welcome of the weekend for many of you. Time for the fun to begin! Time for getting chores done, going to the movies and having Birthday Parties!

I am going to share with you all some tips on taking pictures at a child's Birthday Party!
There is usually a lot of planning that goes into a Birthday party, and you definitely don't want to miss out on those shots that showcase your hard work and the fun that is going on!
To help you along I am going to show you pictures that I took from my cute Nieces 4th Birthday party. 
(I will not be including the photos with faces of all the little girls for some obvious reasons)

#1 Birthday Child
I think this is obvious, do a quick 2 minute photo session of the Birthday child! Take them aside and snap some cute photos. Have the child be silly and showcase their personality!
#2 Shoot the activities taking place. 
This was a princess themed party, and there were several
 stations for the girls to do things. One was making princess wands, one was face painting,
and one was for receiving your tiara.

 #3 Get the Details!  
Take pictures of the cake and all of the other cute decorations that you spent so much time on!

 #4 Action Shots
whether you are at a party with little girls twirling or a ninja party with boys karate chopping, get the shots of all the kids playing! No one told these girls to twirl at first. It was just a natural instinct for them when they have crowns, princess wands and princess dresses on! It was SO cute!

 #5 Get pictures of the Birthday Child with the parents and guests
It is always the best when you as a parent step in and be a part of the picture! 
#6  blowing out of the candles
This one is another obvious. :)

One more tip, if you don't want to worry about taking pictures and just want to enjoy the party,
 hire a photographer! There are many out there that love to be hired on for birthday parties!
Either way, you will be so happy that you got so many memorable pictures!
Just remember to enjoy the party and use available natural light before flash(it just looks better)!

Now, head on over to my friends blog
to see what event she is documenting!


Cari Greer said...

So glad I had you there to take all these pictures!

Tara Winsor said...

How fun! That looks like a FUN birthday party! She is an adorable little girl! Great photos, and great tips!