Thursday, September 26, 2013

"V" Family {Kelli West-Family Photographer}

 I can't even begin to say how much this family rocks! I have known them for quite some time and love to be around them. She is also my boys Pre-school teacher-and an amazing one at that!! Their kids are the cutest and full of personality! We had a fun time and I am so pleased and happy with the outcome!!

 She wasn't feeling the moment of getting her picture taken and became sad (which was so cute in my book- I mean just look at this picture)!!
Who knew that when Dad pulled out the chapstick she would brighten up?

  I had to get a couple of her all by herself! Isn't she just gorgeous?!!


Kristina Bills said...

ChapStick makes everything better :D

Melanie said...

As always Kelli, you pictures are beautiful. Doesn't hurt that I happen to love the subject. They are beautiful!