Sunday, December 14, 2008

So fun and so cute!!

I had a great time taking pictures with Chelsey! She was so easy in front of the camera. I felt like I really didn't have to tell her how to stand and all! Thanks for the fun time chelsey!!


Brooke said...

Kelli, you are super talented. These are beautiful!!!!! Such an awesome location too, I love the ones of her in that train and laying on the tracks.

The Deegans said...

Amazing photos, no surprise there! I want an official photos shoot with you if you aren't too busy in the spring. I'm hoping around May? I just love LOVE the ones you took of us, just playing around and I want to be ready this time. Would that be o.k.? Also, I'm giving this website address to people asking about who did the photos, I hope that's all right.

Megan said...

Kelli, you are amazing! Where did you take the ones in that building with that awesome wallpaper? I love them!!