Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scott & Chelsea's Wedding

Ok, so sorry this took so long to get up Life has been crazy! This last picture is to show how wild the wind was that day..just take a look at her veil! It can make some great fun shots, but also get a little annoying! The weather was great besides that! Scoot and Chelsea just looked so happy together and so much in love! I just LOVE weddings!! Anyway, I am sure they have been waiting...so here ya go guys!

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Hillary said...

Kelli, your photo's are beautiful! When my little one gets here I would love for you to take some pictures! Would you mind emailing me your pricelist to hillary.quintero@gmail.com. Thanks so much! Oh, and this is just me getting excited cuz I'm not even due 'til January....but there is nothing wrong with being prepared right?