Monday, July 28, 2008

Espinosa Family!

This is the Espinosa family, and they are really good friends of mine. I just absolutely love their family. The kids are so stinkin cute! We were able to get all of the pictures in right before the rain started to fall. It was a fun night. Thanks guys for the good time!


Karen Jensen said...

Cute Family ! Cute pics! Ok lets talk lenses....those bridals were shot with my wide angle....its just the promaster brand. the guy at allens told me it was just as good as the name brand and way cheaper. there is one difference...the glass on the lens. I guess the glass on the nikon/canon brand of lenses lets in more light. However, the price is $349 VS. $1000 or so.....yikes. My favorite lens right now is the 1.8 50 mm fixed lens...there is no zoom so your legs are the zoom but it is so fun! lets in a lot of light and has a way low ap. And its only 100 bucks at allens...way fun. i do use the wide angle more though its a it and right now i use it for everything!

Karen Jensen said...

ps checkout rebekah westovers blog...sooooo cute!