Sunday, June 15, 2008

Joey & Ashley's Wedding

This is Joey and Ashley, and they have soooooo much fun together. They were making me laugh the whole time. They know how to just relax and have fun. I love their smiles, and the hilarious faces they would make. They are PERFECT for each other, and I know they will be so happy in life. I had such a fun time taking pictures with them!!


Anonymous said...

Kelli you are so talented! I wish I had known you when I got married so you could have taken my pictures. You truly have an amazing talent!


Jason & Kelli West said...

Jeni, you always make me feel good! I can't wait for you to win those free family pictures!

Sole Desires said...

Ohh I just love all of these pictures! I love the one where you are looking down on them, ohh and I love the rest, you are so good. Where were you for my wedding!!

supermombritt said...

Kelli these are beautiful pictures. I love how the picture is at an angle. Do you just turn your camera to do that? You are extremely talented. I wish you had done my wedding. Oh wait, you were probably about 10 when I got married.

Sarah Karl said...

Hey Kelli! These pics are beautiful! I'm so excited for Julie's wedding! It's coming up! I requested to have you sit by us at the luncheon! It will be fun! My little brother and his girlfriend might be with us too! Anyways, I'm excited! I hope you are doing well! What is a tag? I noticed you mentioned it on a comment. I love your pictures! Julie feels so lucky that you are doing it for her!
I'll talk to you later!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the black and white photos!!! You are sooooo good.


Angela Joy Photography said...

Kelli, your photography is amazing! All your colors pop out really well! It was nice talking to you today. I'm so glad I can stock you now! Woo!

Julie said...

Hey Kelli! It's Julie!
The pictures you take are AMAZING! I can't wait for August first! I need your address! I need to send you an invitation! And, also, we want to send one to your dad too if you don't mind.

Taking the pictures was so much fun! If you can email your address or something to me, that would be awesome! Thank you SOOOOOOO much Kelli for everything!

Love ya!